Thursday, January 7, 2010

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In 8 days I'll be boarding a plane to take me halfway across the world.  I'm studying abroad with 30 others students from EMU all around the Middle East.  The first stop is Cairo, Egypt where we'll explore the pyramids, Islamic & Orthodox Cairo, the Nile, and Mt. Sinai to name a few.  It's still a little unreal that this trip is happening, especially after having been so blessed to visit Israel this last May.  When you got to this site you may have asked yourself, what is Sarah doing in the doorway of that stone building?  You probably didn't ask that, but I'll tell you anyway... that pic was taken at the Garden Tomb which is a claimed site of Jesus' burial.   It's been slightly renovated since Christ's time, but inside you can see the place where Jesus' body would have lay and as you exit a sign that says, "He is not here - For He is risen."  

If there is one thing I learned from my 2 week stint in Israel it was that Jesus does not reside in buildings and monuments but is just as real right HERE as He is there.  Although, my knowledge of the Lord has changed and I'm sure will be rocked again on this trip.  My hope is that you who decide to jump on some or all of the journey with me will be blessed as well.  We'll be traveling a lot, so I won't know until I'm there how frequent I'll be able to post, but if you'd like to stay in the loop my Dad will be sending an email out whenever I update.  To be added to that list just email

Love y'all so much!  Thanks for your support.